Mike and Ike Sour Lemon 22g


Mike and Ike Sour Lemon 22g

Finally an ALL Sour Lemon package of Mike and Ike ®!!!

Pucker up! Mike and Ike’s newest Sour Lemon flavour is here! Forget picking through the sour mega mix Mike and Ike’s to dig out the lemon; this new changemaker box is dedicated to the citrusy, refreshing, lip-puckering flavour! Fans of lemon candy will love these new Sour Lemon Mike and Ike’s.

Just Born, a family-owned candy manufacturer, has been in business since 1923. They make some of the most beloved and iconic candy brands including MIKE AND IKE® Original Fruits chewy assorted fruit flavored candies which were introduced in 1940.

Mike and Ike® is Kosher Certified, Gluten Free and Fat Free

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