Push Pop Jumbo 30g


Push Pop Jumbo 30g

Jumbo Push Pop is a super-sized delicious and simple lollipop that is spring-loaded to deliver intense flavor action to your mouth. Each Push Pop Jumbo comes in a rugged plastic case that has a cap with a clip so you can easily bring it with you anywhere

During the 1990’s, a new type of treat hit shelves across the world. Yes, Push Pops were a pop culture phenomenon during these golden years. These portable snacks proved to be a huge hit with kids, teenagers and grown ups alike. So, what was the secret to the brand’s success? It’s quite simple really. The fact that you could put the top back on the treat meant that you could carry it around with you. Young people loved this novel idea and soon adopted the sweet treat as their go-to favorite!

Ingredients: All Flavors Contain: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Buffered Lactic Acid, STRAWBERRY: Natural and artificial flavors, red 40. WATERMELON: Artificial Flavor, yellow 5, blue 1. BLUE RASPBERRY: Artificial Flavor, Blue 1. BERRY BLAST: Artificial Flavor, Blue 1, yellow 5. MYSTERY FLAVOR: Titanium Dioxide, artificial flavors.


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Push Pop Flavors

Cherry Watermelon, Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, Berry Blast, Cotton Candy