Takis Fuego 92g


Takis Fuego 92g

Takis Fuego Chips are the taste of fire. A bite of lava. Like fire walking on your tongue. Containing an intense flavour combination of hot chilli pepper and lime, Fuego rolled tortilla chips are rated Extreme. Are they meant for you? Are You Takis Enough?

Enjoy a spicy snack with Takis Fuego. They are made with the flavor of hot chili pepper and lime. With a crunchy texture, these tortilla chips are fun to eat.

Takis Fuego is delicious for lovers of spicy flavors, it can be served as snacks or with food and burgers.

The hot and spicy flavor will make an exciting impact with each bite. These chips are free of cholesterol and contain only 1g of sugar, making them healthier to eat.

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